Welcome to Goalz & Gainz Trainers, LLC

Whether you want to work one-on-one to get stronger, improve your running times or join a fun-filled energetic boot camp, you will be supported in reaching your goals in a non-competitive and appropriately challenging environment.  Just moving will improve your life immeasurably, so let's get started!  


Training Services: One-on-One, Small Group Sessions, Run Coaching and Athletic Development

When working with us, there is no long-term commitment.  Sometimes, people want a few training sessions to get back on track.  Other times, people seek ongoing support whether through one-on-one training or, with friends, in a small group.  As experienced run coaches, we also love to help frustrated runners!  Have a young athlete? We are passionate about helping them improve their strength and core to assist in sports, as well as to form lifelong healthy habits.  Let us know how we can help!

Our classes


MONDAYS: CIRCUIT  (5:30 a.m. & (9:15 a.m.)

TUESDAYS: PIYO 3O MIN "BLAST" (6-6:30 a.m.)

WEDNESDAYS: BOOT CAMP  (5:30 a.m. & (9:15 a.m.)

FRIDAYS: BOOT CAMP  (5:30 a.m. & (9:15 a.m.)




We offer Circuit Class & Boot Camps & PIYO LIVE!

Circuit Training is a class format with stations around the gym where exercises are performed at timed intervals.  

Boot Camps and PIYO Live are group classes that are led by an Instructor. 

All classes are designed to be FUN while getting your heart rate UP, as well as working your core, glutes, balance and FORM to keep you safe!  ALL Levels welcome and modifications provided.